Innovations Lobby

At Dolav, Innovation isn’t a job, it’s a culture. We are proud to be a leader in quality and a pioneer in new and advanced solutions for our clients. Always keeping one step ahead, we make it our goal to deliver the most creative innovations that soon become the new industry standard.


Today many industries are utilising the great advantages of widespread RFID technology. But we didn’t stop there. Dolav went above and beyond by developing a revolutionary RFID tag combined with In-Mould-Labelling (IML) technology. Through this technology, each box pallet encompasses its unique ID, as an integral part of the product which cannot be removed. The combination of RFID and IML technologies will allow businesses to become smarter with improved stock management and transport.

Detectable Materials

Dolav is proud to present its latest innovation: A plastic box pallet with added detectable material, allowing for the identification of plastic particles in food products using a standard metal detector. We achieved this by adding a food-approved additive to the HDPE, all in strict compliance with FDA guidelines on foreign objects in food products. With this latest innovation, our detectable material now adds additional cutting-edge benefits to the already proven performance of Dolav plastic box pallets.


Dolav’s Antimicrobial innovation is the next generation of hygienic box pallets. This revolutionary method allows for permanent protection of the box against all common microbes including bacteria, mould and fungi. This development was specifically designed and created to uphold the strictest of health and safety standards set by the food industry, primarily regarding the highest levels of hygiene while avoiding contamination risks.


The ESD innovation was developed to meet the needs of the electronic, explosives and chemical powder sectors which demand safe handling of sensitive goods. Anti-static pallets and box pallets are produced with a surface resistivity level ranging from 10-4Ω to 10-6Ω, making them the ideal solution to carry ESD sensitive products in a safe way.


By using tracking technology our customers have benefited by reducing their box loss as they can pinpoint the location of lost or stolen items and make recovery faster to ensure their supply chain runs as efficiently as possible. It can also help identify where boxes are being damaged whether en-route, at a supplier or customer location.